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Monday, 11 May 2015

After spontaneously booking a holiday to Bulgaria with my main one Britt ("It's Britney Bitch!") last night and Summer ever approaching I have decided to scour through Topman's Spring/Summer collection to find some new pieces to add to my Summer wardrobe and in this post I am going to rundown some of my favourite Topman finds that I ultimately want for the upcoming months.

Topman is one of the biggest high-street stores around and has taken the rightful spot at the top for being one of the best Mens Fashion stores in the UK - in my opinion.

With that said I have always considered Topman one of my favourite stores alongside Urban Outfitters, All Saints, and my favourite hidden/unknown vintage stores in Bristol. Topman is so effortlessly fashionable and is forever on top with trends and creating their very own. 

I have shopped with Topman for over eight years now and I still have unconditional love for their collections, stores and customer service. Topman, essentially is ideal for anyone trying to find their personal style as their collections reach out to so many different styles of people, from the Monochromatic/Vintage loving person like myself to the "Malia, Cheeky Nando"-esque kind (no offence intended) but it just goes to show Topman take time to appreciate different styles across the world and attempt to create collections for all those with different looks which is most likely the biggest factor in their success.

Anyway, enough rambling like usual - I am going to rundown some of my favourite pieces from Topman's latest collection and show you what they are/why I like them and how I am going style them with pieces I have at home.

"Black/White 'Slim Fit' Ringer T-Shirt" (
As you're all aware my personal style is simply Black/White & Grey and that surely doesn't change when it reaches those Summer months - although some advise I'll die from the heat wearing black but I like to think otherwise.

What I love about this shirt (which I have linked above that takes you the exact item) is that it's so effortlessly simple but incorporates a sporty look with the white rings around the neckline and arms which I absolutely adore.

I like to include sport-looking clothes into my wardrobe without doing the entire "I'm going to wear a Chelsea shirt look" - I like to include fashionable pieces with sport-looking influences included in them. 

Even better the T-Shirt is only £10 which is an instant steal and something I'm looking forward to purchasing this Summer.

The T-Shirt comes in a variety of colours including White with Black Rings which is something I'm also purchasing alongside this item.

"Washed Black Longline Panelled Sweatshirt" (
The Fashion world is being reinforced with the inclusion of longline clothing with Topman, themselves included. 

Longline clothing is becoming hot in the style world with many stores adapting to the look in which we see clothes becoming that slightly bit longer creating and emphasising that oversized/baggier look which I love.

As I previously mentioned, Topman are hot on the longline look with some of their new collection including this style. One of my favourite pieces is this washed out black sweatshirt with zipper detailing down the sides to add that edgier look.

This sweater is another steal at just £28 - although this is somewhat a Wintery item I couldn't help but have it included in my Summer wishlist ("and hey Topman have included it in there's too")

"Shambles Black Suede Zip Boots" (
Ever since I bought my Desert Boots back in early January I have been eyeing up more and more shoes to add to my very small collection. 

If you all know - I loathe shoe shopping, I hate it, clothes shopping I am in my complete element but there is something I about shopping for shoes that I just don't like. I have never been interested in shoes or updating my very small collection, I tend to stick to my basic four pairs, including my two pairs of Converses, Desert boots and boringly my work shoes.

However since buying Desert Boots I have spent time looking at shoes to buy. I'm very interested into boots and their look with skinny jeans - which I love. Harry Styles is my ultimate style icon/guru but nonetheless my shoe inspiration.

Styles, wears a lot of boots which I sometimes drool over just wishing I had them. He tends to incorporate his style of shoes with his outfits and often wears a edgy look with skinny jeans and suede boots which I often try to recreate.

The Shamble Suede boots I have found on Topman is something that I have fallen in love with and I find ideal to wear on Summer nights out. 

What I love about these shorts is their brushed suede to create their worn/rough look - also their zip detailing is something I find interesting as it adds to a edgier/rockier look and shoes with zips is something I have worn or owned before.

The boots are expensive but so are most shoes - he says as an excuse to buy them. These boots come to £60 which is something I'm willing to pay for shoes as beautiful as these.

"Washed Black Rip Stretch Skinny Jeans" (
Ripped skinny jeans are the one - the ultimate one in my mind. Often recreated and most of the time they've failed (including me).

I think ripped skinny jeans are great, there's something about them that makes your outfit that much edgier and cooler which I love. I've often tried to recreate this look and ultimately failed - there's something I do that always goes wrong, whether I cut the jeans too hight, the rips are too big, there's a mixture of everything that I always find myself doing wrong.

This is why I want to invest into pre-made ripped skinny jeans. It takes away from the stress of trying to recreate one of your favourite looks yourself. 

Ripped skinny jeans are so on trend with many fashion forward celebrities and everyday people like me taking on the look. Topman's jeans are made from comfortable stretch denim that tapers into the leg to create that stretch/skinny look which is ideal for everyone as some people dislike the skin-tight skinny jean look, although I love it.

I would mix these jeans with some simple longline black/white tee shirts, ripped denim jackets and boots to create a vintage/monochrome look I love.

The Topman ripped skinny jeans come to £45 which is slightly expensive as I tend to stick to my £11 jeans from Primark but I'm still happy to pay this for jeans as good as those.

"Black Swim Shorts" (
It's as simple as you think - Black Swim Shorts are essential for Summer, whether it's to lounge around the pool and sunbathe in or swim in the ocean, their certainly ideal for Summer.

You always need them on holiday, they're the ultimate essential and if you've forgotten them then you're pretty 'screwed'. I never tend to look high and low for the best swim shorts, simple black ones that are the perfect length are 'a-okay' with me.

Topman have a strong collection of summer-wear including an array of swim shorts, they vary in prices and my came to a decent price of £16.

That's about it for this post. I'll keep you update with my summer finds from other stores in the future - including Urban Outfitters, River Island and All Saints.

I hope you enjoyed this post and roll on Summer.

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  1. Some great items here. I fell like Topman have really stepped up their game with the new collections coming out in 2015?

    Ben |


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