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Congratulations, you have reached my about page (who knew anyone would actually click this). Right first things first, I'm Charlie, the eighteen year old something mens fashion and lifestyle blogger from the South West of England.

This little blog here came to mine and yours attention back in December 2014 when I was at the point in my life choosing what I wanted to do. I finished a Media course at college and continued with my part time job at this point and was going back and forth on the idea of Uni or pursuing my career in journalism whilst working in retail. 

In my free time between creating a portfolio of work and serving fashion forward customers I decided to create what was the best decision I ever made, a blog. This blog is my second love and you'll find nothing but a mixture of posts including outfits, style tips, music, life posts, photos, travel updates and recipies. 

I hope you find my blog some-what interesting because I do (how biased of me) and if you want to follow me on my potentially exciting blogging journey by all means do and follow me on Bloglovin' to catch up with my weekly posts. 

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