What camera do you use to take your blog photos?
I use a Nikon camera (I can't remember the make but I'll keep you posted when I figure that out)

What picture editing software do you use?
I edit my Nikon images using the VSCO Cam and Afterlight apps that I have on my iPhone. These are good for vintage effects and filters that I adore.

I also use the site "Pic Monkey" which some of you may remember, I use this to tweak images like airbrushing and use font overlays.

Why did you start this blog?
I wanted an outlet where I could talk about all the things I love, however I have been inspired by YouTubers and bloggers to do this for so many years.

Can you review a product/brand for me?
If you would like me to review a specific brand/product then leave me an @ reply using my Twitter handle - chxrlietottle or comment on one of my posts letting me know. If you are a PR company and would like me to review one of your own products then leave me an email with my Hotmail handle - charliee.tot@hotmail.com

What is the best way to contact you and get a response?
If it is PR/advertising or any other business related matters, then the best way to contact me is via my email - charliee.tot@hotmail.com but if you just want an informal chat then use my comment section beneath my posts or my Twitter - @chxrlietottle

What do you use to read blogs?
I use the website/mobile app Bloglovin as this lets me read blog posts of those who I follow.

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