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Friday, 20 March 2015

Hey guys how's everyone doing? Happy first day of Spring may I add - please endure the next few weeks of blossoming flowers and easter eggs.

Every month without fail I like to introduce to you to a new playlist of mine that I have been obsessing over. I intended to upload this post at the beginning of March but with difficulties with the Spotify widget it pushed back the date of this post - until today. Initially this post was featuring some of my favourite slow jam tracks including the likes of Drake, Chris Brown, Kanye and so forth but in the past few weeks I've found myself listening to some of my favourite bands that I featured in my January playlist - my very first.

This month I have created the "Indie Cindy" playlist in which I have compiled a bunch of indie/rock music that I love and listen to on a daily basis. Some of the artists include my absolute favourites which are, Royal Blood, Peace, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Bastille and the Arctic Monkeys. 

Spring Scents | Calvin Klein & Paco Rabanne

Sunday, 15 March 2015

I and a lot of other males are long gone from the days we would spend our pocket change on Lynx Africa thinking we were some sort of irresistible human being that could attract anyone or anything with the sweet smells of a four pound aerosol can, but those days gradually went by when the teenager and adult in ourselves discovered cologne - our saviour.

If you're like me then smelling good is one of the most important things in my daily routine and forgetting to do so is my biggest nightmare. So in this post I am going to recommend you some of my favourite spring scents and colognes that I love to wear on almost a daily basis.

Like I've mentioned smelling good is extremely important and having a scent that smells just perfect is a necessity. Long gone are the days of aerosol cans, yes sometimes they smell nice and feel almost refreshing with the crisp scented air hitting your body but are they long lasting? No. This is why you need to make room on your shelf for the perfect cologne. 

Colognes and Aftershaves come in a variety of different scents by different brands and my two ultimate go to smells are those from Calvin Klein and Pac Rabanne.

Instagram Feeds

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

We live in a world where taking photographs is the normal, every day millions and millions of photographs are taken and shared on plenty of different social media platforms, such as the highly popular Instagram.

Instagram if you didn't know/and were living under a rock is one of the many popular social media applications that everyone uses on the daily to upload their favourite photographs for the world to see. Whether it be a selfie from when you were painting the town red on a Saturday night, a photograph of the lunch you had today or a random photograph that's been living in your camera roll for years that you hashtag with #ThrowbackThursday the world will see it.

In most recent Instagram has become a place where teenagers have so become obsessed with the look of their account and feeds that posting photos without a care like it used to has become a stone age trend. 

The Flannel Shirt | Urban Renewal

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hey Guys, how's everyone doing?

In today's post I am bringing you my latest outfit of the day look and talking all about it, so feast your eyes on my latest look and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Everyone's style changes day to day, I go through stages where I wear nothing but black and other days I like to create some of my favourite vintage looks and yesterday was no exception.

Me and my good friend Jessie took a day trip to Bristol yesterday where we spent the day shopping in Cabot Circus, eating our body weight in Frankie and Benny's deliciousness and taking style photos for my blog which I am bringing you today.

The Flannel shirt is one of my favourite pieces and in my eyes never really gone out of style and they are a key piece to have in your ever growing wardrobe. 

Checkered shirts are an essential that everyone has, they come in a range of colours/tones and you can mix and match them with plenty of looks, but not everyone's checkered shirts are of flannel material which is currently on the rise.

Blog Refresh

Monday, 2 March 2015

Hey guys - how's everyone doing? I'd like to first of all say thank you for making me reach 300 followers - I woke up in much delight after seeing that so thank you for support, taking the time to read weekly and so forth.

I've done a lot of thinking over the past few weeks and I have been wanting to refresh my blog for some time now (nothing major just incase you were wondering)

Bloggers will know that blogging can be deemed a full time thing, writing posts, taking photos and updating your blog can sometimes take a lot of time out of your day and working almost full time on top of that means it can be hard to balance the two.

I work almost every day at my job at Next and fitting a blog between that can sometimes prove difficult, however I try my hardest to update you with weekly posts. I aim to write almost three to four posts a week so I know there is plenty of content for you to feast your eyes on.

Personal Goals | The Year To Remember

Sunday, 1 March 2015

In today's post I am going to run down some of the things I want to achieve this year to make it worth remembering.  During this past month I have taken a lot of time to think what I want to do and achieve this year and make it one to remember.

Being eighteen opens up so many doors and creates so many more opportunities. I have been eighteen for almost half a year now and it has been nothing but spectacular. The eighteenth year has allowed me to do so much more than ever before and this is why this year, 2015, I created a list of things I want to do to make it a year worth looking back on.

Travel and Holidays;
This year I am to go abroad. I have been able to travel the world for so many years with the help of parents, I've seen glorious places including the history of Rome, the city life of New York, the parisian life style of Paris and so many more incredible places but this has been under the wings of parents where as this year I am to travel and go on holidays with friends.

Travelling on my own/with friends is nothing out of the ordinary, I've taken day trips/weekends away at festivals with friends before so I'm used to the independent lifestyle however going abroad without parents is something I've never done.
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