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Monday, 20 April 2015

Surprise. I'm back (this is almost as good as Beyonce dropping that iconic surprise album, and when I say almost I really mean this is much better)

You might of been wondering where I have been for almost three weeks (most likely not because you have better things to worry about then an eighteen year old blogger). As you may have gathered from my previous post I have been working full time since October since leaving College and the post explains my current state which includes working almost every day and going out on the town every weekend (and our Weston treasure that is the "Thirsty Thursday"). I go on to explain in the post I haven't been able to blog in a very long time and finding the time to do is almost a rarity but yesterday afternoon I took the time to go out with my best friend Emily (or as I like to call her Cren) for a stroll and take some photos which you will soon feast your eyes on.

In today's post I will be running down one of my favourite Spring/Summer trends that is the "Breton Striped" top (or you can simply call it a striped tee shirt if you wish but being a #blogger I just can't do that). Stripes are such a natural print to have on a shirt and almost everyone has something striped in their ever growing wardrobe.

Stripes are a Summer essential and if you think otherwise then you're a bit odd. Breton Striped shirts were something I found entering my wardrobe almost a year ago when I bought one of my very first at Next but with a change of style, height and likeness to the tee shirt it soon had to go and this year I found a perfect replacement from the store River Island.

Judging from my blog and constant ongoings and ramblings you'll know that I only ever wear simply black/white and grey and nothing has changed. I found the most ideal Breton striped shirt in River Island almost a month or two ago preparing for the Summer ahead. Obviously you can see the base colour is a simple dark wash of grey with thin white horizontal stripes across the shirt - which I personally loved. 

The shirt reinvents itself with a lower scoop neckline rather than the traditional crew neck style. The lower scoop creates the impression it's ideal to wear throughout Summer and it can accentuate your collar bones. Lower necklines aren't something I am familiar with so I do tend to re-adjust the shirt every now and again just to feel more comfortable.

Like I have mentioned I bought this shirt almost two months ago from River Island in Cabot Circus and the price ranged between £10-25 (I simply can't remember how much, my bad) which was a steal at the time and I knew this was perfect to add to my wardrobe and layer up with a vintage Levi's denim jacket.

You can see I have paired this shirt with a simple pair of black skinny jeans from Primark (£11), brown suede Desert Boots (£38) - which are my personal favourites and a vintage Levi's denim jacket from Loot Vintage Warehouse in Bristol that was on sale (£22). I loved this look and it's an ideal outfit to wear throughout Summer.

What makes this look great is that it's a great transitional piece. The addition of the ripped vintage denim jacket adds an edgier/grungier look that I love and is useful for those windy beach days and if your day on the beach leads to a night out you can simply ditch the jacket and carry on with your Breton attire and wear this as a summery night out look which is no fault.

As you can tell from this post I love this look and I know it'll be a popular one throughout the Summer months. 

Let me know what you think of this look by leaving a comment in the comment section below and tell me what post you'd like to see next. I promise to be posting again on a frequent basis when I find the time but you'll see another style post this Tuesday when I meet up with my good friend Jessie so keep your eyes and ears open for that.

As for now have a wonderful day, see you next time.


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