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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog.

Forget about #ThrowbackThursday it's about #ThrowbackTuesday on my blog today and I am introducing you to one of my simple Summer looks that I wore frequently throughout the Summer of 2014 - simple, but a personal favourite of mine to say the least.

We all know I'm an advocate for a contemporary outfit - I tend to stick to black and white pieces and layer up with different pieces on top and that is no different with today's #throwback look. 

As we can all see I am wearing a simple black and white look (no surprises there). I am wearing an everyday essential white crew neck tee-shirt from Primark. White tee shirts are a necessity in a Male & Female's wardrobe as they're ideal to layer up with a variety of different pieces. Think of the white shirt as a canvas that you can paint on, it's a simple background item that you can vocalise by adding and layering different pieces on top.

My simple white crew neck tee shirt was from Primark and cost nothing more than a pocket-change friendly £3. I teamed up my simple shirt with a pair of DIY skinny jean shorts. Know you all know I am obsessed with skinny jeans and they have been a key item in my wardrobe since I was thirteen - and some things just haven't changed.

Skinny Jeans are ideal to have in your wardrobe whether you wear them or not. Males at least, the slim/bootcut (don't even get me started on the "straight leg") fit has been nothing but a stone age trend and this something we need to leave in the past. Skinny Jeans have been on the rise for so many years now and it is worn by almost every young male - not just those 2007 'MySpace Emo's'. 

Black Skinny Jeans are my saviour and key to the success of all of my looks. Skinny Jeans are something I wear all year round but last year I decided to accommodate to the summery weather by having a little fun and creating some skinny jean shorts. Shorts aren't something I wear on the regular - since I was thirteen may I add.

Shorts for Men don't usually accommodate to my taste as I find they are a lot baggier than I initially hoped. Wearing skinny jeans on the daily makes you feel as if wearing anything the slightest bit lighter feel as if you're wearing the baggiest/loosest trousers ever (I kid you not) and this is why I took a pair of old and trusty Primark skinny jeans and cut them into shorts which was the most incredible idea ever that I thought it was Dragon's Den worthy (clearly not)

I cut the shorts about the knee as I was most comfortable for them being at this height and let my legs feel that summery air that it has been hidden from all year round. 

With this simple look achieved I then finished it off with another two items. I chose to feature some colour by bringing along my Topman black & blue (not "White and Gold" please, #TheDress hashtag is so over) flannel shirt to add some vibrancy to the outfit. I also included my Topman dual string bag which I got in the 2014 Winter sale and it has been ideal to use on my days out since the day I got it, with enough room and comfortability it has been a saviour to store my blogging equipment and trusty Coca-Cola on a day out with friends.

I hope you liked this #Throwback Summer look. I know that we're approaching those Summer months and it's ideal to have some back up outfit ideas until you stock up on new Summer clothes and I thought this was a great look for you to personalise yourself.

Let me know what you think and recommend me some ideal Menswear Summer outfit ideas by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. *runs to Primark to get these Crew Neck tees*

    I love skinny jean shorts. I remember rocking this similar look a lot back when the sun was present. Effortless and cool!

    Chariza M. | LE-VISUALISTE

    1. Glad you like the look - thank you for taking the time to read and comment!


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