Simple Summer Look

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hey guys & welcome back to my blog.

Forget about #ThrowbackThursday it's about #ThrowbackTuesday on my blog today and I am introducing you to one of my simple Summer looks that I wore frequently throughout the Summer of 2014 - simple, but a personal favourite of mine to say the least.

We all know I'm an advocate for a contemporary outfit - I tend to stick to black and white pieces and layer up with different pieces on top and that is no different with today's #throwback look. 

As we can all see I am wearing a simple black and white look (no surprises there). I am wearing an everyday essential white crew neck tee-shirt from Primark. White tee shirts are a necessity in a Male & Female's wardrobe as they're ideal to layer up with a variety of different pieces. Think of the white shirt as a canvas that you can paint on, it's a simple background item that you can vocalise by adding and layering different pieces on top.

The Breton Striped Shirt | River Island

Monday, 20 April 2015

Surprise. I'm back (this is almost as good as Beyonce dropping that iconic surprise album, and when I say almost I really mean this is much better)

You might of been wondering where I have been for almost three weeks (most likely not because you have better things to worry about then an eighteen year old blogger). As you may have gathered from my previous post I have been working full time since October since leaving College and the post explains my current state which includes working almost every day and going out on the town every weekend (and our Weston treasure that is the "Thirsty Thursday"). I go on to explain in the post I haven't been able to blog in a very long time and finding the time to do is almost a rarity but yesterday afternoon I took the time to go out with my best friend Emily (or as I like to call her Cren) for a stroll and take some photos which you will soon feast your eyes on.

In today's post I will be running down one of my favourite Spring/Summer trends that is the "Breton Striped" top (or you can simply call it a striped tee shirt if you wish but being a #blogger I just can't do that). Stripes are such a natural print to have on a shirt and almost everyone has something striped in their ever growing wardrobe.

Balancing a Blog With a Job & Your Social Life

Friday, 3 April 2015

At the tender age of eighteen I'm still living the high life that every teenager should do - this includes days out with friends, nights out on the town and so much more but besides hanging out with friends and having endless nights with my Spotify playlists and Twitter I also work full time at Next whilst writing a blog - sounds fairly simple right? Not.

"Teenagers have it easy" - the elder like to say but if you work as much as me and struggle to find time to do things you love to do it can prove pretty exhausting. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job at Next in which I've worked there almost three years. I have the best friends and times there and I work almost non stop which I adore as pay day always proves to be very pretty. 

Quitting College (my dreadful third year may I add, I did do a two year Media Course which I passed with a delightful DDM) and entering a world of full time work I knew was going to be strenuous but very rewarding. I work so much to the point I did sixteen days in a row without a break which was exhausting.

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