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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

We live in a world where taking photographs is the normal, every day millions and millions of photographs are taken and shared on plenty of different social media platforms, such as the highly popular Instagram.

Instagram if you didn't know/and were living under a rock is one of the many popular social media applications that everyone uses on the daily to upload their favourite photographs for the world to see. Whether it be a selfie from when you were painting the town red on a Saturday night, a photograph of the lunch you had today or a random photograph that's been living in your camera roll for years that you hashtag with #ThrowbackThursday the world will see it.

In most recent Instagram has become a place where teenagers have so become obsessed with the look of their account and feeds that posting photos without a care like it used to has become a stone age trend. 

In this post I am going to run down some of my favourite Instagram users/feeds that I adore and take a look at on a daily basis. I'll be choosing them on the basis of their feeds and photographs and what I love about them, so look out for some of my favourites and get following as they'll brighten up your Instagram feed for sure.

First up my favourite feed of Instagram belongs to the Instagram and YouTube king I call Joe Robles. Joe was a YouTuber I found way back last year after coming across his Polaroid vs Fujifilm Instax video and since then I have been hooked on his videos and social media accounts.

Alongside YouTube, Joe is an flawless photographer (and that's no lie), his photographs put others to shame and he's just killing it. His Instagram feed is no exception too, his photographs are incredible that feasting my eyes on them are almost a treat.

What makes his feed #flawless is that his photos are of great quality and his choice in filters are ones that I love. His Instagram almost has a vintage, urban feel that I love and I find him and his feed so intriguing as the document of his life looks so cool and one that I'd to live.

Give Joe a follow by using his handle @joerobles. Bookmark me, this guy has a bright future ahead of him, his photography and YouTube will take him so far that it makes me happy to be a loyal viewer and advocate of everything he does.

Alongside Joe Robles, 676plustax is one of my personal favourites and an Instagram that I find is almost a hidden gem that people should discover.

What makes this account different from other feeds and Instagram users is that they only upload photographs they have used with their disposable camera. If you know me you know I have a love for old/instant photography and disposable photographs are one of my one true loves.

Using disposable cameras is one of my favourite things to do and documenting my life through a instant camera lense is just great so I like to feast my eyes on other disposables and that's what makes this account so intriguing is that I get to see someones life through a disposable lense.

This account posts almost daily with a collection of photographs of friends, their travels, surfing, girls, strangers and everything else that's fucking cool (in their words, not mine) so if this something that interests you then make their follow button turn to green by using their handle @676plustax so you can feast your eyes on disposable photo-goodness.

Up next is @chxndeliers whom has a #flawless account may I add.

Remember the times using white borders were the thing, well lets move out of 2013 and join the current and original trend of using square shaped images again (hallelujah) Instagram goes through stages of trends, from black and white feeds, to white borders and the current square shaped photographs, which is my personal favourite and glad that it's made a comeback.

Some of my favourite accounts are those who just post their daily ongoings, ones that don't necessarily stick to a set theme as much. @chxndeliers feed is that of a day to day life in America where she posts daily on what she's doing.

What makes her account special is her clean and almost vibrant feel to her feed. A lot of accounts use certain filters throughout their feed to match, which of course this user done the same but her subtle use of a light filter and raised colours/brightness makes it almost like she hasn't used any pre made filters which I love.

Her account has almost a rustic feel throughout as she tends to use a lot of brown and white backgrounds which I adore as the colours of the things she's focusing on really stands out. This users lifestyle is something I love to look and almost want to live myself, she's an Instagram inspiration of mine and one of my personal favourites to look through on a daily basis.

If you're interested in this feed then give @chxndeliers a follow.

Lastly is David, a style and LA inspired feed that I absolutely adore and can't get enough of.

David is an Instagram user much like @chxndelier where they post their daily musings which I love to look at. He is a free spirit, creative minded, style guru who has an eye for mens fashion and photography which is something I love about his feed and something I find similar and relatable to me.

Not only do I use his feed to be inspired by his photos and take a gander through his account but his sense of style is also something I love and inspires me to update and change my style. Much like me, he's very contemporary and wears basic monochrome pieces which is interesting as our styles are very similar and makes achieving his look more bearable and achievable. 

His feed doesn't necessarily use a filter throughout, but much like @chxndelier his account is vibrant and summer inspired which makes me stoked for this year as I'm excited to join Instagram this Summer and document it.

I hope you liked some of the accounts I recommended, if you have any favourites leave a comment in the comment section below.

In the comment section I'd like you to leave a question using #askcharlie, leave your Instagram account so I can follow and a feed that you love.

Hope you all had a wonderful day and may tomorrow bring you good vibes and happiness.


  1. don't even remind me :( Everytime I look at those pages of amazing photographers I feel like crying. how can work be that good.

    1. Bless you haha, some people's Instagram are too #flawless that I can't deal with it.

  2. Oh I do love your blog! I didn't even realise I didn't follow you until I happened to click onto you and noticed!
    Another fabulous post
    Love, Jessica x

  3. Thank you so much for you kind words - I dig that!


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